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V3 Planner finally has full sized game like sprites!
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More placeables!
Game like path and fence rendering!
Undo & redo!

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Also don't forget our Facebook group!

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You are using modded farm layout!
WonderfulLifeFarm by taintedwheat & JinxieWinxie
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To access your render click here:
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  • Hold or Ctrl or Shift when placing buildings to "duplicate" it.
  • E to easily select eraser brush, press again to restore last brush
  • S to easily select selector brush, press again to restore last brush
  • W to toggle highlights temporarily (If you hold W and hover mouse to dropdowns it might break. Just toggle highlights in the highlight menu to fix for now)
  • Esc discards picked up building
  • You can use arrow keys or middle mouse button to scroll the map if it doesn't fit to your screen
  • Drawing very large areas of crops / paths might result in some lag due to restriction checking, in that case just do them in little patches or disable restriction checking from options
  • To delete buildings, either drop it to non-buildable area, click on it with eraser or press either Del or fn+Backspace or Esc
  • You can enable brush overwriting mode in options
  • You can open object counter window from the options menu
  • You can find your save game file from %AppData%/StardewValley/Saves

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3rd May 2023


25th April 2023


3th June 2022
  • Finally added pressured Sprinklers
3th July 2021
  • Finally added Ginger Island. It won't render in seasons though.
10th Jan 2021
  • Added some v1.5 stuff: banana tree, mahogany tree, mango tree, stone walkway, rustic plank floor, mini obelisk, island obelisk, bone mill, auto petter, dark sign farm computer, stone chest, geode crusher, heavy tapper, hopper, mini shipping bin, solar panel
4th Jan 2021 22th Dec 2020
  • Added new beach farm layout. Thanks to TheLimeyDragon #1993 at Stardew Valley Discord
  • Also added data-layers info. Again, big thanks to SMAPI for making that possible
24th Dec 2019
  • Added the second Immersive Farm 2 Remastered without fences and path
  • Added restriction information for both Immersive Farm 2 Remastered maps
17th Dec 2019
  • Fixed "Save as picture" for bigger than default farm layouts
18th Dec 2019
  • Added interior layouts of barns, coops and sheds of all sizes.
  • Added quarry
16th Dec 2019
  • Changed how restriction layers work in the planner. The planner is now using direct output from SMAPI data-layers export which means the restriction info is much more accurate.
  • Also changed how restricted placement is shown, now you can see specific tiles that are blocking placement while dragging the items.
  • Added four new options related to restriction layers. Please note that drawing the restriction layers can be performance heavy.
  • Moved few non-building items away from Buildings menu. All placeable objects are now using separate restriction layer instead of tillable.
  • Placeable objects restriction layer is still not 100% accurate, but it's very close. This will be fixed once SMAPI gets a new layer for this.
  • Restriction rework also enables the planner to easily have this information available for custom (modded) maps as well so expect any new maps to also include restriction information
  • Also added four new modded maps: OmniFarm, Capitalist Dream 2, Bigger Standard Farm and More Space Forest. All of them also have restriction layer data
5th Dec 2019
  • Fixed bee-hive coverage area
01st Dec 2019
  • When selecting modded map, render options are now hidden to cause less confusion
  • Added: Fish pond, All four giant crops, Meteorite, Coffee, Tea, Rice, Deluxe Scarecrow, Mushroom tree, Brick floor, Wood chipper, workbench, mini-jukebox, desert obelisk
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28th Nov 2019
  • Added new Four Corners map. Currently without any restrictions help. SMAPI should release the data layer exporting soon, then I can update all official maps to have the same restrictions as the game does!
18th Nov 2019
  • Trying different ad services. Still only using one ad space but you might see different ones over the course of next few months.
9th May 2019
  • Added wood sign under equipment
6th May 2019
  • Added 3 new maps. Including Remastered Immersive Farm 2. Big thanks to Zola from #modding @ Stardew Discord for getting me the correct background image
20th March 2019
  • Added Farm Extended map layout by Forkmaster. Big thanks to Zola from #modding @ Stardew Discord for getting me the correct background image
  • Added placeable shipping bin. Thanks @Odin!
  • In talks with a modder from the Stardew Discord to get a mod for extracting exact restriction areas for any maps (including custom ones). Once this is ready, planner will have 1:1 exact placement information
6th Nov 2018
  • Changed bee-hive highlighting to match the game (It's awkward now, I know), more info from the wiki. Thanks @Dawnmist
29th July 2018
  • Added community farm by SgtPickles
23th May 2018 7th March 2018
  • We're having a test period with SDV Discord to see if there is enough interest for the planner channel. Come join us.
16th Feb 2018
  • Added White Water Farm
  • Removed the need of sending me the saveGame file for custom map
18th Oct 2017
  • We now have a front page!. Big thanks to Karel Eding for creating the design and Upload.Farm guys for letting to use their renders.
  • There is now a list of Patrons. You can get to the list by pledging @Patreon
  • Made visible changelog shorter. You can still view all of it by clicking the "Show more" link at the bottom of this box.
9th Oct 2017
  • Finally did the RethinkDB to MySQL migration. If you wish to read more about the technical side of this, you can do so here on Medium
27th Sept 2017
  • Added links to Patreon page. Chip in!
6th Sept 2017
  • Fixed saving map to picture. Thanks Stefanie Carter for reporting this.
25th Aug 2017
  • Added 4 new map layouts from Ali
22th June 2017 7th Mai 2017
  • Added Stardew Valley expansion map under custom layouts
  • Changed how layout changing works. If you have any problems with it, please let me know
  • Added Discord contact
10th Apri 2017
  • Menu items are now more compact on smaller screens
  • Added facebook button so people would find our FB group more easily
25th Mar 2017
  • Added pine, oak and maple trees
13th Feb 2017
  • Merged pull request by ClairelyClaire to add all the different crops.
7th Jan 2017
  • Placing torch on fence block will now turn it into torch-fence.
  • Added wooden and iron lamp posts under Terrain menu
26th Dec
  • Greenhouse interior is now plannable! (Select it from layouts)
  • Greenhouse toggle is back!
3th Nov
  • Testing Ads as donations do not currently cover server upkeeps.
24th Oct
  • Fixed house sprite size
23th Oct
  • Added 3 new custom layouts
20th Oct
  • Officially integrated stardew.info and upload.farm. Read more here.
  • Fixed sever error with save importing
18th Oct 17th Oct
  • Added progress indicator for uploading your saveGame file
16th Oct
  • Fixed mill size
1st Oct
  • Did the restriction paths for the new layouts
  • Added new buildings (obelisks, mill, shed, junimo hut, gold clock)
  • Added some debris to the menu (log, stone, stumps etc)
30th Sept
  • Added new farm layout and made it possible to support custom maps too
  • Fixed some issues with nginx and static file serving
27th Sept
  • Moved to RethinkDB from fs
  • Moved the server to US (NYC-3). Sorry EU users, but as most of the users are from US, it made more sense to have the server there
  • Switched UUIDv4 out with more human readable id system
21th July
  • Added 'W' and 'S' shortcuts
  • Removed the cause of the last outage
11th July
  • Image exporting by rgson
17th June
  • Moved save game importing to backend
  • Added /api/import endpoint which can be use to integrate planner with your own site! More on: @GitHub
8th June
  • Merged some PR's from GitHub
16th May
  • Fixed import when building doesn't exist (mods?)
22th April (community update)
  • Import icon changed for more convenient one TheLostSoul
  • Import now imports large rocks, stumps and logs. Also weeds are fixed now. TheLostSoul
  • Added object counter window echoenzo
1th April 30th March
  • Highlight states and options now save!
  • Fixed minor restriction areas (thanks Mai & R3ality)
  • Added twitter share button
  • Moved eraser out from the "tools" menu
  • Added freemode possibility for the brush. Enable it in the options (this option does not save over reloads)
  • Added tree & gravel path to the menu
  • Added torch & campfire back to the menu
29th March
  • Added fancy notification about new version
  • Highlights should be better now, also they are off by default now
  • Added contact section
28th March
  • Made importing better (thanks Mai)
  • Fixed menu word wrap problem
  • Restriction area behind house is now 1 tile
22th March
  • Released new version to closed beta. New stuff:
  • Using SnapSVG instead of Raphael
  • Better brush. It is now possible to brush big areas easier
  • Better restriction handling.
  • Showing coordinates for those who like to edit their saves
  • Save game import!
  • A lot more optimized way of drawing the SVG (using patterns and use elements)

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Facebook group
Discord: Stardew Valley discord @hpeinar
GitHub: @GitHub
Reddit: v2 planner thread
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E-mail: henrikyobotspeinar@hotmail.comgmaillllll.com
Twitter: @hpeinar & #stardewplanner


1. What is this?
This is Stardew Valley interactive farm planner
2. Saving doesn't appear to do anything?
When you press save, your farm layout is saved and page will be reloaded to confirm the save. You can then use the url to link to your farm (or bookmark it)
3. Does this work on touch devices (tablets, phones)?
Current version does not officially support touch devices yet but it is planned for future.
4. How can I delete buildings?
Please see controls section
5. Not working? Having any issues?
Feel free to contact me in reddit or Stardew official forums

How to get your custom layout to the planner:

  • Email me the following:
    - link to the mod
    - name of your layout as it should appear on the planner
    - author(s) name(s)
  • Your mod has to be somewhat popular as it takes time for me to add the layout.

Golden patrons:

Brittany Crites


Julie Xue

Marie Jeffries

Glen Martlin

Brad Greer


Steven Carpenter

Peter Collins

Torin Sockey



A very big thanks to everybody who helps to keep this tool running!


Farm planner by Henrik Peinar (/u/hpeinar)

Background image exported from game by /u/zaxcz

Building sizes and door locations by /u/Jurk0wski

Base save importing code by /u/ThisIsMyName777

All crops from all seasons by ClairelyClaire

Tons of suggestions, fixes, testing and ideas by R3ality

Providing test save file with most of the items and ID's Mai from #stardewvalley

Being a cool guy and pointing me in the right direction with some coding stuff TeMPOraL from #stardewvalley

Helping to test and improve v2 version of the tool speeder from #stardewvalley

Sharing their epic farm saves /u/ky13 & /u/Halfbloood

For making SMAPI Pathoschild

hweetipie, paraskeet Kylindra from Stardew Valley discord for much help!

My name's [Raven] and I like to party, pointing out typos makes me feel smarty!

uselessdragonfly for providing test save files for 1.1

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